A1. Goblet Squat @42×1; 3-5×4; Rest 30 seconds – video last set
A2. DB Bench Press @40×0; 4-6×4; Rest 30 seconds
-25,30,35,35 lbs
B1. Goblet Reverse Lunge; 10-12/leg x4; Rest 30 seconds
B2. Push ups; Max reps x4; Rest 30 seconds
-13, 10,9
C. Side Plank; Accumulate 2 minutes per side
EMOM 10 minutes
Odd; Row 40 seconds 90% effort
Even; 15 air squats

This workout sucked because I was very dehydrated and had to push myself through it. Ankle did good on squats, lunges felt uncomfortable especially since my balance was off. Will e-mail you the video in a sec! Also loved the EMOM 10 minutes! Much quicker!