Foam rolling
A1. Deadlift @50×1; 10-12×3; Rest 60 seconds
A2. Wide Grip Pull up; 6-8×3; Rest 60 seconds
-did 6 with the resistance band
B1. WTD Glute Bridge @11×5; 12-15×3; Rest 30 seconds
-45 lb plate
B2. DB 3 point row @20×1; 10-12×3; Rest 30 seconds
C1. Side Plank; Max time per side x3; Rest 30 seconds
-right side-1:03, left side-1:01
C2. DB Hammer Curls @3030; 8-10×3; Rest 30 seconds
15 minutes easy zone 1

Went to get a massage today because my muscles were so tight and the guy I usually see said I needed to come back soon because he couldn’t get all the knots out and couldn’t loosen up my muscles enough in the time we had… It was a very intense and painful hour lol but I feel a little better and I’m going to see him again next week.