4 sets
60 seconds jog
60 seconds air squats
60 seconds burpees
60 seconds walking lunges
4 minutes rest
– all done at about 90% effort, never blow it out, but never go too easy

-this completely sucked … I woke up very sick this morning and whenever I get sick I just put a lot of clothes on take some medicine and try to sweat it out so I guess this was perfect for that but my endurance level for running and burpees is awful right now so it was hard… By the time I got to the lunges in every set I felt like I was just going to pass out and I wasn’t even going that hard I think it’s just that my body is sore all over plus being sick plus and it’s Friday so my energy levels are low. But my ankle did great with the jogging even though I ran on a soccer field and it was a bit uneven! So I mean that’s good šŸ™‚