Foam rolling
A1. Front Squat @30×1; 6-8×4; Rest 30 seconds
-50,70 then goblet squats 50,55 sets of 10
A2. DB Bench Press @30×1; 4-6×4; Rest 60 seconds
B1. Goblet Step up; 12-15×3; Rest 30 seconds
B2. DB Push Press @30×1; 10-12×3; Rest 60 seconds – both arms at once
-this hurt so I did 3 sets of 4 wall walks
C. Sit ups; 100 reps NOT for time, just get them done
D. Rope tricep extensions @11×5; 6-8×4; Rest 60 seconds
15 minutes easy zone 1 cardio

-I played 2 soccer games yesterday (indoor) they had me play in the field not in goal because this other girl could only play goalie and my ankle is not happy today I only played a total of about 35 minutes because I didn’t want to aggravate my ankle but I guess I have to cut back on time … By the way I was going to workout after soccer games yesterday but my ankle hurt too much so I did the workout this morning… It’s so frustrating but oh well. C’est la vie

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