-DB Incline: 12 reps 20, 10 reps 25, 8 reps 30
-Low Row: 12 reps 60, 10 reps 75, 8 reps 90
-Complex (Alternate Press to Alternate Lateral Upright Pulls): 8 reps 15, 8 reps 17.5
-Pull ups: Max reps(used resistance band the large one) 8
-DB curls: 10 reps 15lbs, 10 reps 17.5 lbs
-Shoulder Complex (Front Raise, Lateral Raise, and Bent Over Rows): 7 reps 7.5lbs, 7 reps 10 lbs
-Total Leg Circuit( Squats, in- place lunges, walking lunges): 2 sets of 10
-Hyperextensions: 2 reps of 10
-Lateral Sit-ups: 2 sets of 12

– okay so I didn’t do my max on this because you weren’t the one telling me to do it and although he’s certified I don’t really know him that well and I don’t necessarily trust him like you and he gave this to all of us and not just me and doesn’t know all my weird body issues… For the hyperextensions and low row I took it really easy because of my lower back pain but as a side note I looovveeeee the lateral sit-ups ! They burn so good : )