Side Plank Clamshell; 8-10×5; Rest as needed – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rHaVGhEChg
-did 10 for each set
A. Deadlift @40×1; 3-5×5; Rest 3 minutes
-I still can’t do these it was too painful with even just the bar any time I have to bend over like that it kills me
B. CGBP @40×1; 4-6×5; Rest 2:00
40 sets
30 second bike 90%
30 second rest
– all sets same pace

Did these on my bike outside which probably wasn’t the best idea because it was hard to keep time and look at how far I went but I did a total distance of 10 miles… There were also some hills which made it a little more challenging but I loved riding outside instead of in a gym but I think from now on I’ll do sprints indoors and leisure rides outside.