Day 1
A1. DB Bench Press @40×1; 5-7×3; Rest 90 seconds
A2. DB Chainsaw row; 6-8/arm x3; Rest 90 seconds
B. DB Incline reverse fly @1113; 6-8×4; Rest 90 seconds
C. Half kneeling cable external rotation @3030; 8-10/arm x5; Rest as needed
-12.5 for all 5 sets

I think I had the biggest smile in the world walking out of the gym lol it is wonderful to be working out again, although I feel like I’m starting all over. I have become somewhat nocturnal so I’m trying to fix that…I fell asleep around 5 in the morning and got woken up at 9 which was rough but hopefully I can stay awake and not take a nap and then go to sleep at a normal time tonight.