Day 3 – optional, if you’re busy, skip this
A. Elevator Goblet Squat @42×1; 3-5×4; Rest 2 minutes
-25,30,35,35. The elevator took goblet squats to a whole new level lol it was hard I loved it.
B. Mixed Grip Pull up @50×1; 3-5×4; Rest 90 seconds
-gravitron again. I weighed in at 180.8 and did 90, 80(4 reps), 90, 90. My arms are still sore but I like this grip much more it worked different muscles. I tried pushing myself harder with the 80 but couldn’t get the 5 reps. Wish there was an 85.
C. Snatch Grip RDL; 3-5×4; Rest 2 minutes
D. Reverse lunge w/ DB; 6-8/leg x4; Rest as needed
– lunges for some reason bother my ankle so instead I got on Jacob’s ladder and did 40 second “sprint” 20 second easy x5 since that works my legs and glutes too.

I felt a little weak today … I got out of bed this morning and when I stood up and started walking I was really dizzy I had to stop for a second but then it got better. Working out was okay but I felt like something was holding me back and I was out of breath quickly.